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Project: TinyTribe
Duration: 2 Months
Role: Lead UX Designer

Project Overview

Parenting can be a daunting task. TinyTribe is an app designed to help parents find events for their children in the area and support groups to meet other parents. With a simple search, parents can filter events by age range, location, and activity type. The TinyTribe app also provides a platform for parents to connect with each other and form support groups. These groups can be based on a variety of topics, such as special needs parenting or single parenting, allowing parents to share experiences and gain valuable advice

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The Problem

First-time parents face a variety of challenges as they navigate the complex and often overwhelming world of parenting. Some common problems include a lack of information or resources, difficulty finding reliable and trustworthy advice, and a sense of isolation or disconnect from other parents. Many first-time parents may also struggle with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress as they try to balance the demands of parenthood with their own personal needs and goals.

The Goal

Design a dedicated app and responsive website where parents can find support groups to meet and connect with other parents and find events or activities for their children to attend.

User Research

Understanding the users

To start this challenge designing for social good, I asked myself a couple questions. 



Who are the users?
What kind of goals and frustrations do users have?
What am I trying to solve?
Will they be interested in using the app?

In order to effectively address these issues, I conducted four interviews to better understand the unique needs and challenges of first-time parents. Based on my research I found that some needs include things like providing easy-to-access information and resources, connecting and meeting with other parents, and creating tools and services that help to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.

Pain Points

Lack of community and connection with other parents.

Feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress as they adjust to their new role as a parent.


Difficulty in balancing the demands of parenthood with personal needs and goals.

Difficulty in finding reliable and trustworthy information about parenting and child activities that align with developmental stages and preferences. 

Meet the users


Name: Alicia

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Age range : 22

Education Level: High School

Employment: Full time mom

Family status:Maria lives with her husband and daughter

Maria is a young outgoing woman who loves the outdoors and previously worked as a waitress. After having her first child, Maria decided to stay home because daycares are too expensive. Her husband works in the medical industry and they are constantly traveling. Maria struggles with making friends and being at home all day. She usually finds activities in the area to do with her 1 year old daughter. She also tries to find other moms in the area to spend some time with and alleviate her isolation. 

Name: Andrew

Location: Athens, Georgia

Age range: 36

Education Levels: Getting a MA

Employment:  Social worker

Family Status: Lives with his wife and 6 months old son.

Rodrigo is a professional who lives with his wife and son. He has a busy life: full time job, a baby, and is working on getting his masters degree. He works from home and goes to the office occasionally. Rodrigo enjoys taking his baby to different activities a couple times each week. He also enjoys being outside and meeting other parents but finds it difficult. Rodrigo would like to have a  website where he can find activities in the area and chat with other parents to develop friendships and make the parenting journey more relatable.

Rodrigo appreciates websites that help him save some time and provide information and activities for babies in advance. 

Competitive Audit

I reviewed and analyzed four competitors in order to understand and identify and opportunities to address for the Tiny Tribe App. All  four competitors are social networking platforms targeting mothers, parents, and families.


The main difference that I noticed were: 

  • limited reach -  only available to women

  • limited interactive features - lack of customization for users 

  • overwhelming amount of information- with so much content available it can be challenging for users to navigate and find the information they need.


Information Architecture


Paper Wireframes

After doing some research, I had a better understanding of the direct and indirect  competitors and users pain points. I started to sketch some ideas on how  users can interact with the app and how it should look as part of the design solution.

I wanted to use simple icons and an easy navigation for finding events and support groups.


Starting the design

Digital Wireframes


After reviewing some of the sketching, I analyzed  what was necessary and what needed improvement. I moved on to the digital wireframes. I rethought  how I wanted the app to look based on the user needs and user flow.

I designed a simple menu with two main landing pages. One for Events for children and the other Groups for Parents.

I added a filter icon to allow users to narrow their preferences based on age, time, date and distance.


Low Fidelity Prototype


The primary user flow I connected was viewing details of events and groups so the prototype could be used in a usability study

Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 8.45.31 PM.png



Once the low fidelity prototype was ready to test, I planned an unmoderated usability study with 5 participants from different backgrounds. After a week of interviews,  I was able to identify themes and insights highlighted below. I modified the low fidelity prototype to move to the next phase of the project.


Usability Study 


Feeling safe
Review Button

For most users it is important to have a review section

Not clear?
Filter button

Most users were unsure how to filter events. Users need better cues for how to filter events by distance, age and date from the home screen.

Want to meet you
Interested/Going button 

Most users find it helpful to have an "interested" and "going" button in the events screen.

Final Design

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Utilizing the insights gained from the usability studies, I implemented design changes, like adding a filter icon on the home screen that enables users to filter events based on factors such as age, time, date and distance.

I added events that display essential  information upon users' initial visit the home page.

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I made changes to the initial designs by including icons that enabled all users to easily scan and filter through the event details upon first landing on the screen. 

I incorporated a review section and buttons for users to indicate their interest and attendance.

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Rectanglenew t-1.png
Rectanglenew t-1.png

I wanted to create a simple and intuitive design  where users feel safe and supported. I used icons and simple vocabulary to make navigation easier. I kept gestures simple and cards with visible information to help users save time. It is beneficial for the users to easily find what they're looking for on the app and to identify events and support groups without requiring several clicks.

Rectanglenew t-2.png
Rectanglenew t-3.png

Style Guide

For the TinyTribe app, I used a simple  and dynamic color palette where blue and  red are the predominant colors. Using blue, I wanted to evoke stability, trust, and adventure when navigating through the app searching for events or support groups. Alternatively, red was an important choice because I wanted to make the users feel warm, welcome, supported and to inspire confidence in the user to join the community that TinyTribe app offers. 

Responsive Design

I used the TinyTribe sitemap to guide the organizational structure of each screen design to ensure a cohesive and consistent experience across devices.



Working on this project was a challenging but enjoyable experience. As a new parent myself, I've personally experienced some of the challenges I set out to address.  It was great to interview the users and receive feedback with differing perspectives to my own and the problems I set out to solve. Understanding their needs helped me to navigate through this design process and led to the iterations I made over time. I learned the value of collaboration and that this is an ongoing iterative learning process.

I also really enjoyed the challenge of creating an app that can make a  positive impact on the lives of new parents. New parents are incredibly busy and at times can feel overwhelmed and isolated.  I made the app design simple and intuitive so that parents can easily navigate and interact with it. 

"TinyTribe app is a game-changer for connecting with other parents and discovering fun events for our little ones. It's become my go-to resource for building community and finding support in this wild journey called parenting" Maria

Friendship of families flat vector illustration.jpg
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