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De mano en mano

Project: De mano en mano 

Duration: 3 months 

Role: Lead UX Designer

Project Overview

After the pandemic human interaction changed. Being able to show love and care for one another while not always capable of meeting in person, has become vital to maintaining relationships. 

De Mano en Mano is an app that provides a solution for busy professionals to quickly and easily order a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers delivered straight to your loved one’s door.


The problem

Busy professionals lack the time or ability to go to a physical flower shop to purchase bouquets and ordering flowers for delivery can be time consuming and inefficient. 

The goal

Design an app for the Mano en Mano florist that allows users to preview a wide selection of fresh flowers while having the ability to easily select, order, pay, and deliver nationwide. 


  1. Create an app where users can easily preview, select, order, and send bouquets.

  2. Incorporate a way for users to explore different bouquets.

  3. Provide a seamless and easy checkout process.

To start this project I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the target users and their needs. A primary user group identified through research was working adults who have busy schedules and transplants with relatives or friends that live far away. 


I found that the users want to quickly and easily browse and purchase bouquets with a focus on high-quality, unique arrangements that can be delivered to their desired location with minimal hassle. 

My research revealed that this users group values the ability to schedule deliveries in advance, have the option for next day delivery, and save frequently used information for quick ordering. 

Understanding the users

Seed Stage

Pain Points

Not being able to accurately preview bouquets


 Inability to track delivery status 

Time consuming process for working professionals 

Unclear and confusing ordering process 

During the design thinking process, I explored personas, wrote a user story, identified happy paths and edge cases, and discovered the benefits of user journey maps.

Next, I defined the user problem by creating problem statements and hypothesis statements. 

Meet the users


  • Challenges when ordering a bouquet through her cellphone.

  • Would like to preview the most popular designs.

  • Wears glasses because of low vision.


  • Previewing bouquets can take a lot of time.

  • There are not many options (bouquets) to preview.

  • Being able to use differents languages to preview bouquets.

“Sending flowers is my way to show others that I care about them” 


Name: Chloe

Age: 34

Education: Masters 

Hometown: New city.NY

Family: Single, lives alone

Occupation: School Counselor

Chloe is a school counselor with 7 years of experience who lives alone and loves flowers. She keeps herself busy and has a very active social life. She also enjoys sending flowers to her friends and family, especially the ones that are far away but she finds it challenging. She wears glasses but her vision has been getting worse throughout the years, frustrating her when ordering products through an app. Chloe appreciates products that help her to save time and have a design for people with low vision.

"Creating memories for my clients is my passion, always surprising them with the best floral design”


Name: Rodrigo

Age: 45

Education: BA in design

Hometown: Chicago.IL

Family: Lives with his partner

Occupation: Event floral design 

Juan is an enthusiastic event floral designer who loves to make his customers happy. He is multilingual and has clients from different regions. He lives with his partner and its trying to spend more time with his family. He has been looking for an app where he can preview and order a large selections of bouquets for different occasions helping him save some time and better manage for his clients.


  • Find bouquets for different occasions.

  • Preview bouquet accurately.

  • Make a large order and save favorite designs.

  • Get fresh and in time  bouquets.


  • Customize bouquets.

  • Preview bouquets accurately.

  • Easy to navigate through the app.

  • Send bouquets to friends and family far away.

Competitive analysis 

I started to ideate through the use of competitive audits and brainstorming exercises.

The majority of the features between competitors were very similar, however the main differences that I noticed were the variety of flower selections, customizations, style, and ease of ordering. 


Information Architecture

Stem Growth Stage

I constructed a user flow of the basic start to finish journey while ordering a flower bouquet. This helped me to understand ways users can interact with the product and it allowed me to see navigation through user goals.  I built two types of storyboards and explained how storyboards are used to create wireframes.

Screen Shot 2023-03-12 at 11.23_edited.jpg

Paper wireframes

I started creating paper wireframes to get a better understanding of the layout, structure, and functionality. This helped me learn the most important elements of user flow and overall user experience and how I would address user pain points. For the home screen, I prioritized a quick and easy previewing process to help users save time. 

Digital Wireframes

After paper wireframes, I built digital wireframes. I then made the transition from wireframes to a low fidelity prototype.


Low Fidelity Prototype

The primary user flow I connected was previewing and ordering bouquets so the prototype could be used in a usability study.

Screen Shot 2023-02-19 at 11.09.23 PM.png



I conducted two rounds of usability studies based on my research questions. I interviewed five participants to run through different scenarios in my prototype to obtain enough feedback for my next set of design iterations. By analyzing their feedback, I was able to turn them into actionable insights and improve the user flow. The study helped me to outline the function and structure of the De Mano En Mano app.

The bouquet app affinity diagram-2.jpg

Round 1 findings

1.Users want to view categories easily

2. Users want to see prices based on sizes

3. Users want a speed delivery option

Round 2 findings

1.Users want a short description of the bouquets when previewing them

2. Users want to be able to track their order from the home screen

3. Use icons to make navigation easier and simple vocabulary

Refining the design

Before Usability study 1

After usability study 2

Challenge 1& 2

A familiar experience

I solved this challenge exploring design systems, researching and incorporating feedback from users. With all of that I was able to design the mano en mano app where users would be able to browse through a wide selection of bouquets, preview them in high quality, and make a selection based on their individual preferences.


Challenge 3

Quick & Simple

The ordering process would be simple and streamlined, allowing users to input and save recipient's information, delivery date, and a personalized message. The app would also offer a range of delivery options, from same-day to scheduled deliveries, making it convenient for users to send flowers for any occasion. The app provides order tracking and confirmation, giving users peace of mind that their gift has been delivered.


Style Guide

For the mano en mano app I wanted to explore two colors that create a strong visual contrast and can be visually appealing and attention grabbing. I chose blue to convey a sense of trust, stability, and security when viewing the bouquets, checking out and choosing a bouquet delivery service. Yellow, on the other hand, can create and convey  a sense of optimism, happiness, and cheerfulness which are all emotions that are associated with receiving a bouquet of flowers. By combining these two colors the mano en mano app creates a user-friendly and visually engaging experience that encourages customers to browse, select, and send bouquets with ease.

Desktop - 2.jpg

"De Mano en Mano app is a lifesaver for busy professionals! With its seamless ordering process and timely delivery, it's like having a personal florist at my fingertips" - Katie 

Take aways

I challenged myself to learn a new tool, Figma! And became comfortable using it to create wireframes, low fidelity prototypes, and high fidelity prototypes. 


The importance of collaboration and feedback. Effective UX design requires input and feedback from a variety of stakeholders. By gathering user feedback and observing user interaction with the app, I was able to understand the users needs, behaviors, and create a better overall user experience. This was an interactive process. 


Improved empathy and confidence. By observing users and understanding their needs and frustrations, I was able to improve my empathy and ability and design a product geared towards their needs. User feedback helped me feel more confident in the quality and design of my product. 

Thank you!

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